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Save time: cheat a little

If you’re keen to save time when filling in forms, my Business Details Cheat Sheet could be just what you need. You’re probably like me and always looking for ways to save time.  I create heaps of templates to fine-tune my work, and I’ll ‘fess-up and admit some work better than others. I’m sharing one which […]

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What should you include in a Project Plan?

It depends on the cost of the project.  As a guide, I’m basing my answer on what has successfully gained funding for my clients in the past. Unless the funder provides a template, when creating applications for $250,000 or greater, we include the following elements.  The finished document usually contains 12-15 pages.  Feedback from national funders indicates this […]

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Top 10 findings: Grants in Australia 2017

The latest research findings on grants in Australia has been released. Innovation Lab, an enterprise of recently published Grants in Australia: Annual research findings for Australian grantseekers and grantmakers, July 2017. The top 10 findings are listed, along with relevant comments, grant tips and experience from Indigo Gold.

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