Grant Cycles

Understand the Grant Cycle Timeline The grant cycle timeline can vary greatly depending on the type of grant and funding organisation. It’s important to research and understand the expected duration so you can plan accordingly. Cycle lengths Some grant cycles may only take a few weeks from application to notification. For example, local community grants […]

Research the funders and available grants

When applying for grants, it’s important to research the different types of funders and grants available to find ones that align with your project and priorities. Types of funders Different funders have different intentions and priorities when awarding grants. The main types of grantors include: Do your research It’s essential to research potential funders and […]

Tailor Your Grant Attachments to Stand Out

When writing your grant application, you usually have the option to include supporting attachments and documents. It can be tempting to upload everything you have, but each attachment should serve a specific purpose. Don’t just add attachments for the sake of it or to bulk up your application. Strengthen your proposal Every attachment you include […]