Top 10 findings: Grants in Australia 2017

The latest research findings on grants in Australia has been released. Innovation Lab, an enterprise of recently published Grants in Australia: Annual research findings for Australian grantseekers and grantmakers, July 2017. The top 10 findings are listed, along with relevant comments, grant tips and experience from Indigo Gold.

Startup? 9 tips for starting a business

Starting a new business can be very exciting, and daunting at the same time.  For the best chance of your startup being a success, make sure your business follows a hobby, passion or something that you care deeply about. What is the most important thing to do?  Act now and get started!  If you are […]

7 tips to help boost your business

Business owners face many challenges in today’s tough economic climate. With many people working at least 44 hours in a typical week, implementing effective strategies can be a great way to reduce the toil, boost business and enjoy life a little more. If you’re like me and love your coffee, you’ll enjoy the following ideas […]