Grant writing experts – our team

Grant writing expert and Grant Writing Academy founder, Prue Saxby, leads this experienced team.

They can help with grant writing courses, grant writing workshops, mentoring, one-on-one services, or tailored grant packages. Whatever you choose you will benefit from their combined experience and know-how across a range of industries.  No matter what service you are accessing, each team member genuinely seeks to understand you and your customer’s needs.

Through our grant writing expertise we offer your business or organisation a fresh perspective, with all team members working together to deliver the best results.

Grant expert, Prue Saxby, is backed up by a small group of people.  Together, their combined skills and qualifications span:

  • Registered Nursing
  • Speech Therapist
  • Project Management
  • Journalism
  • Business (Marketing)
  • Diesel Fitting
  • Engineering
  • Lean Manufacturing (including a Six Sigma Black Belt)
  • Risk Management
  • Physiotherapy
  • Workplace Injury Management and Occupational Rehabilitation
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Environmental Science
  • Urban and Regional Planning.

Prue Saxby – Grant Expert

Unlocking dreams and transforming lives through the power of grant writing is the mission of Grant Master Prue, CEO of Indigo Gold and Founder of the Grant Writing Academy.

Grant expert and grant master Prue Saxby

Since 2005, Prue has been helping clients and grant writers to get their grant application in the ‘yes’ pile. Her process works; evidenced by the staggering $50.8 million in successful applications she’s secured for clients in the last six years.

Prue’s dedication to empowering others shines through her work at the Grant Writing Academy, where she offers free resources, a membership, courses, and workshops to grant writers across Australia. Her proven process has turned many students into grant-writing success stories, like the Master Grant Writing Course alumnus who went from writing $60,000 applications to securing a $1.5 million grant in less than six months!

In the last two years, Prue and her team have created an impressive array of ‘grant goodness’ including:

  • 25 in-person workshops
  • 22 editions of her free 60-page grant list
  • 82 online tutorials and grant updates
  • 68 new templates, guides, workbooks and other resources
  • Weekly 3-2-1 Grants eBlasts (full of ideas, inspiration and ponderings)
  • Mini- and Master Grant Writing courses

With a wealth of experience spanning health, social services, mining, government, print, tourism, media, and agriculture, Prue’s expertise is as diverse as the Australian landscape itself. Her unique background, which includes over a decade working with local and state government, has given her invaluable insights into the behind-the-scenes grant processes that set her clients up for success.

A true-blue Aussie, Prue has spent most of her life in remote, rural, and regional Australia, gathering experiences and knowledge that now inform her high-quality grant applications and supporting documents. She’s also a regular contributor to Rural Entrepreneur Australia magazine and shares her grant writing wisdom in online sessions for government and social enterprises.

Giving back is in Prue’s DNA, so whether surrounded by water on Groote Eylandt or surrounded by dust in Kalgoorlie, she has been a regular volunteer.  Her community spirit has been recognised with a semi-finalist spot in the 2019 Community Achievement Awards.

In her downtime, she loves watching movies, reading, traveling (sometimes to see the results of her successful grant projects), and visiting her 94-year-old dad, who’s still going strong.

So, are you ready to turn your grant-writing dreams into reality with a grant expert? Join Prue Saxby on her mission to help others achieve their goals through the power of grant writing. You can email Prue directly to discover how she can help you to get your application in the ‘yes’ pile.

Kim Lahey – Journalist / Writer

Indigo Gold team member Kim Lahey has a passion for writing that’s strengthened by her Business and Journalism degrees.

Kim grew up on an isolated Western Queensland cattle property and has a very active interest in her local Sunshine Coast community, with sporting groups and in literacy training.

Indigo Gold clients love working with Kim as she quickly understands their needs, and is able to adapt her writing style to match each individual business’ unique brand, tone and personality.

Your business will really benefit from her strong connection with regional communities and her breadth of industry experience including:

  • a 15-year career in the Tourism industry
  • a 10-year career in general business and print media
  • her work with hundreds of clients to write copy for their products
  • regular supply of print articles and copy to help local community groups
  • 5 years of adult-literacy tutoring and life story interviewing for her local library
  • website copywriting with the Indigo Gold team from 2017

Pat Connor – Business Improvement Specialist

Pat’s career spans a range of industries including mining, manufacturing, the not-for-profit sector, and tertiary education.  For the last seven years, through his own company, he has helped clients implement streamlined, efficient processes to maximise returns.

Clients enjoy his ability to relate to people on the shop floor (a trade background is just one of his qualifications), as well as ‘connect’ with management and executives.  You’ll benefit from Pat’s skills that include:

  • ‘Lean’ thinking (productivity, cost reduction, quality systems)
  • Transforming inputs to outputs to create efficiencies and greater profits
  • Asset management and maintenance – to leverage the best return on assets
  • Risk management
  • Improving employee engagement and implementing cultural change.

Other team members

Other team members add further value to the work we do, so you’ll be delighted with the results.   Their range of skills includes:

  • Statistical research and analysis
  • Demographic research and analysis
  • The use of statistical data to report on socio-economic conditions
  • Strategic planning
  • New product development
  • Workplace rehabilitation.

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