Grant Writing and Tender Writing

The Australian grant and tender environment is very competitive.  The Indigo Gold team has extensive experience with grant writing and tender writing and can help in a variety of ways.

A high-quality submission is integral for an organisation’s ability to successfully attract the support needed to fund important projects or to be successful with a grant or tender application.

Grant writing

Grant writing is one of our specialties.  Many people struggle with the personnel and skills needed for grant applications.  Consequently, we aim to help by offering a range of assistance, depending on clients needs and budgets:

  • Applications written ‘from scratch’ – to take ALL the stress away
  • Drafts reviewed, ensuring the best chance of success
  • Information compiled, partners sourced and final submissions developed
  • Needs analysis documents
  • Project reports.

Clients have benefited from successful grant applications ranging from just a few thousand dollars to many millions of dollars. While many grants these days are simple, online applications, some do require extensive and complicated responses requiring a great deal of supporting evidence.  Our team can help make the process simple and methodical so that applications are finished in plenty of time for submission.

Don’t forget to check out the Grant Lists and Workshops page for information on these services.

Tender writing

Tender writing is often a daunting task.  Most importantly you need to ensure your application is compliant.  Feedback from organisations offering tender opportunities is that between 40 and 80% of applications are non-compliant, depending on the industry.  You want to make sure your hard work is not wasted and that your application meets all the criteria.  Our personnel are experienced, understand all the jargon and aim to make the process methodical and less stressful.

To find out more about how we can help with tenders and grants, visit the contact page for alternatives to get in touch with us.

Statistics and research for impact and results

The key to a great application is often ensuring your claims are backed up by current, accurate and relevant research and statistics.  We have specialists on our team that can easily access information to link evidence to written content.  This includes:

  • Statistical research and analysis
  • Demographic research and analysis
  • The use of statistical data to report on socio-economic conditions.