Business Writing and Copywriting

It is important to tell your story correctly, so our business writing and copywriting services will help you to connect with your audience and get results, no matter what you need.

You will need a business plan for lots of reasons through the lifecycle of your business or organisation.  Firstly, to gain funding from financial institutions for start-up or expansions.  Possibly later, you will need one to explain projects and opportunities to a range of business personnel.  This could include collaborators and tenderers.  It is important for them to be relevant and informative for the industry you are in.  They should also contain the necessary elements to ensure the expected information is given to the reader.

Business writing and copywriting that connects with readers

Clients benefit from the many years’ writing, design and desktop publishing experience that exists within our team.  Consequently, we can help with:

  • reports written in clear language to easily inform the reader of the important facts
  • copywriting for media, A4 flyers, presentations and a whole range of other needs
  • capability statements to promote your services to others
  • project evaluations written to clearly show success, insights and recommendations
  • award submissions that get noticed.

Most importantly, we can create effective wording in a language that appeals to your target audience.  To find out how we can help you, visit the contact page.

Proof reading of others’ business writing

Do you need someone to proof read your work?  Our team is great at proof reading and picking up errors!  Proofreading is essential for a number of reasons:

  • It’s hard to see your own mistakes when proofreading.
  • It prevents unwanted errors in business communications and expensive reprints.
  • It protects brand reputation as people are reluctant to engage companies with mistakes in their written material.

To talk to us about proof reading, visit the contact page.