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Attention pays

The author of this article is Kim Lahey, writer for Indigo Gold. Are cute cat videos stealing your customer’s attention? Attention is akin to a bucket of water.  A resource we draw on as needed, but each cupful leaves less for other purposes. Yet businesses don’t tend to think of attention as a precious or […]

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Workforce 2025 workshop for METS companies

Upcoming workshops to help you thrive in an age of digital, automation and robotics Leaders of METS companies need to adapt to Industry 4.0, an evolving workforce and the changing nature of work itself. Workforce 2025 is a learning event for METS company leaders and executives to improve their position, gain confidence, direction and practical […]

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Grants in Australia: the secrets of success

Who is winning grants and why? It’s the question at the heart of the latest Grants in Australia 2018 research  – the biggest report since the inception of the series in 2006.  The report is an analysis of a national survey of Australian grantseekers. Queensland respondents represent 15.8% of the total of 2012. Based on responses, the […]