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Grants in Australia: the secrets of success

Who is winning grants and why? It’s the question at the heart of the latest Grants in Australia 2018 research  – the biggest report since the inception of the series in 2006.  The report is an analysis of a national survey of Australian grantseekers. Queensland respondents represent 15.8% of the total of 2012. Based on responses, the […]

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Business tips from the tourism industry

Great business tips from an industry that knows how to focus on the customer I’ve always been impressed with the amount of valuable information the tourism industry provides its operators.  At a recent workshop run by Tourism & Events Queensland staff, I noted some great tips that can be used no matter what industry you’re […]

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$444M awarded without a tender/grant process

According to an ABC article, the Federal Govt has given $444M to a single organisation without it going through a tender/grant process I was trolling the Internet this morning, grant-searching for my June grant lists and came across a 22 May article by ABC’s David Chen and Laura Gartry.  According to their information, the Great […]