Get Ready For Grants: Kickstart Your Success


“Get Ready For Grants: Kickstart Your Success” offers:

  • Two Engaging Workshops: Designed for beginners or as a refresher, delivered via live, interactive Zoom sessions (but recorded in case you can’t join us live).
  • Expert Led: Learn from a grant master to turbocharge your grant-seeking skills.
  • Action-oriented Learning: From project ideation to understanding financial needs, get practical insights and steps.
  • Convenient Scheduling: Sessions planned for lunchtime slots to fit into your busy schedule.
  • Rich Content: Covering project selection, budget drafting, document preparation, and alignment with funders.
  • Interactive Sessions: Allows real-time questions for a tailored learning experience.
  • Designed for Success: Navigate the complexities of grants with strategies to avoid common pitfalls and align with potential funders.

The 45-minute sessions will be via Zoom, starting at midday (AEST)

  • First Session – Friday 3 May
  • Second Session – Friday 10 May

Great for individuals looking to:

  • Jumpstart their grant application journey.
  • Quickly enhance their knowledge and skills.
  • Fit learning into a short amount of time.

Join us and transform your grant ideas into actionable plans with momentum!

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Get Ready For Grants: Kickstart Your Success

Boost your knowledge about grants and increase your chance of grant success with this great workshop duo.

The two, 45-minute sessions will be via Zoom.

Perfect for beginners (or as a useful reminder for those who’ve tried before) – join our easy-to-understand live workshops. They’re designed and run by a grant expert to help you get your grant journey off and running.

Increase your grant knowledge fast!

This micro-course is perfect to quickly earn about securing grants. It’s:

  • Easy: with fillable templates
  • Convenient – fits into a lunch break or work schedule
  • Action based: to help you start quickly
  • Interactive – so you can ask questions.

In these two sessions, we won’t just give you information, we’ll get things in action – helping you start your journey to secure grants.

Session 1 

Our first workshop, at 10am AEST on 3 May, is full of energy and designed to turn your project ideas into strong grant proposals, teach you to choose projects wisely, create a basic budget, and know what kind of documents you need – all to get great grant applications ready.

  • From Dream to Reality: Go from just thinking about your projects to a list of grant ideas. You will learn to choose three potential projects to get grant money for.
  • Choose wisely: Understand the power of focusing and choosing the most impactful project. You’ll know which project to pick first and why.
  • First Draft of Budget: We’ll give you an idea of what to include in the budget to get things started and find out how much your project might cost.
  • Attachments 101: You’ll know what types of proofs and documents you might need for your project long before the deadlines.

Session 2

The second workshop, at 10am AEST on 10 May, will teach you how to pick grant opportunities that match well with your project to maximise your chances of winning.

  • Unlock the Alignment Puzzle: Understand the important principles that help match your project with the right grant – it’s taking your knowledge to the next level!
  • Know Your Potential Funder: Together, we’ll make a list of potential people or groups who might fund your project.
  • Explore Funder Alignment: Using a worksheet, we’ll explore what your potential funders might be interested in and where you can find that information.
  • Red Flags & Strategy: We’ll help you to look out for possible problems and consider solutions.

Next steps?

After payment, we’ll be in touch to determine convenient times to suit your schedule so sessions can be delivered in the next few weeks to meet your needs.

Before each session we will send you the worksheets, so you can be prepared.

Want to get others involved too? Just choose the right ‘Quantity’ when you pay and get everyone to register for each Zoom session.

All sessions will be recorded, and we’ll send you the video and a copy of the resources within 24 hours of the end of each session.

Got any questions or want to understand possible dates? Shoot us an email and we’ll respond quickly.

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