Grant Writing Academy

The Grant Writing Academy is all about one thing…grants and grant writing.

Whether you are a grant newbie, or a seasoned grant writer it’s a place to be kept up to date and surrounded with like-minded people.

Grant Writing Academy Membership

The Grant Writing Academy Membership is an annual program which gives you the clarity and confidence to write high quality grant applications which get in the ‘yes’ pile.  Inside you will enjoy flexible learning via Live sessions.

You will learn from a Grant Master, Prue Saxby, and grant industry guests. It’s a flexible environment; you can join live sessions, or watch recordings. The Grant Writing Academy Hub stores all the recordings, guides, templates, checklists and other resources.

Regular Facebook posts allow you to keep up to date with grants and the industry. You can access resources to make grant writing easier. This means you can progress from a grant newbie to a confident grant writer. You will never feel along in the interactive and supportive community.

As part of the Membership you get amazing value!

  • Tutorials – one 45-60 minute tutorial each month via Facebook and Zoom live sessions – watch live or later
  • Live group Grant Updates and Q&As – two 45-60 minute each month via Facebook and Zoom sessions
  • Guests speakers are often a part of the live tutorials – tap into their expertise and hear their unique views
  • Access fabulous resources – these include: a grant dictionary; tips; templates; check lists; Tutorial slide decks, summaries, (including all previous sessions), frameworks, and guides
  • New state and national grants – posted in the private GWA Membership Facebook Group as they become available
  • Interact inside the Facebook membership community – it’s a great forum to ask questions of Prue and your fellow members
  • Be kept accountable and motivated – keep up your momentum with regular tips and interactive opportunities

“Success… 5 grants in 12 months…the Membership made all the difference.“…Since joining I have been successful with five grants ($137,480) in 12 months – it’s made all the difference! I now approach each grant uniquely.  Prue’s ‘intel’, plus hearing from others,  demonstrates there is more than the technical side of things.Bronwyn Davies

No grant experience to a $350K grant success in 6 weeks! …From no grant experience to a $370,000 grant success in 6 weeks! The Membership was fundamental – I wouldn’t have secured the grant without it. It completely changed how I was approaching my grant application. Every single question was improved with Prue’s experience and guidance”From no grant experience to a $370,000 grant success in 6 weeks! The Membership was fundamental – I wouldn’t have secured the grant without it.  Every single question was improved with Prue’s experience and guidance.” – Moira Buchanan, Magnetic Island Distilling

Since joining I’ve helped clients receive over $3.5M in grant funding...From “feeling stuck” to “being up-to-date and motivated.Before joining I was plodding along by myself which lead to writers block and feeling stuck. I now enjoy being up-to-date with fresh ideas and connecting with others keeps me motivated and drives momentum. The Hub is a go-to place for resources and reference materials to help me develop and support my answers.” – Sue Schluter (multi-grant success), Frenchville Sports Club

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Grant Writing Academy Free Facebook Group

The free Grant Writing Academy Facebook Group is an interactive community. It’s a place where you can hang out with like-minded grant writers. We’ve created this free group because we are passionate about teaching you how to write great grant applications. As part of the group you:

  • Can keep up to date with: the grant industry, news and trends; relevant resources; learn grant jargon
  • Don’t miss out on a Grant Master’s tips and experience
  • Can access Prue when she goes live, and ask questions
  • Will enjoy being with like-minded people – a community of grant writers.

Join the Grant Writing Academy Free Facebook Group