Thriving Cohesive Communities Grants 2019-2020 Tranche 1

November 3, 2019 by in News

Thriving Cohesive Communities Grants are open.  The grants provide funding for projects that strengthen family and community connection and support young people to take up meaningful roles in their community.

Funded projects will help to build cohesive and resilient Queensland communities and foster a strong sense of belonging. The TCC grants provide funding of $930,000 over a two year period  to eligible projects that respond to one of the two grant streams:

Stream One: Youth Connect – Contribute – Lead

Funding for projects to build relationships with young people at risk of exclusion and isolation and to strengthen their connection to their family, peers, culture, school, work or volunteering. Non-recurrent funding up to $120,000 (exc. GST) is available for projects up to 18 months duration.

Stream Two: Locals speaking to locals

Funding for projects that increase awareness and understanding of all forms of diversity in Queensland. A core objective is to strengthen the capability of community members to address discrimination and racism and behaviour that leads to exclusion and isolation. Non-recurrent funding up to $45,000 (exc. GST) is available for projects up to 18 months duration.

Eligibility for Thriving Cohesive Communities Grants

Eligible groups and organisations must be based in Queensland, and can include:

  • Non-government, and not-for-profit incorporated organisations including Neighbourhood and Community Centres and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled organisations
  • Local Government Authorities
  • P&C Associations
  • Co-operatives
  • Unincorporated community groups and user-led groups who are auspiced by an eligible entity.

Items in the application form

  • General questions, Project title and summary
  • Your purpose or mission (100 words)
  • How your project meets objectives (300 words)
  • Table of project activities
  • How your project represents the needs of community (300 words)
  • What methods you’ll use to engage your target participants (200 words)
  • Expected outcomes (300 words)
  • Information about project partners
  • Budget income/expenditure summaries
  • Capacity to deliver project (300 words)
  • Insurance and risk management (200 words)
  • Required attachments include: Annual Report, audited financial statements; support letters; partnership confirmations; needs assessment reports; media links/images

Government has developed a Funding Information Paper, Fact Sheet and FAQ document – see their website.

You must have your application submitted by 2pm 22 November 2019.  If you need a little help, we’ve assisted heaps of clients with support letters, and needs assessments, contact us to have a chat.

Successful applicants will be announced January 2020.