What should you include in a Project Plan?

February 20, 2018 by in Blog, News

It depends on the cost of the project.  As a guide, I’m basing my answer on what has successfully gained funding for my clients in the past.

Unless the funder provides a template, when creating applications for $250,000 or greater, we include the following elements.  The finished document usually contains 12-15 pages.  Feedback from national funders indicates this is exactly what they are after.

  • Project aim / Summary
  • Project scope / Deliverables
  • Quality criteria
  • Resources: human; other resources
  • Implementation schedule / milestones
  • Tolerences
  • Dependencies / Approvals
  • Procurement process
  • Budget and cost estimates
  • Risk management plan: external context; internal context; risk identification and analysis; risk chart (and accompanying likelihood, consequence and risk matrix charts)
  • Appendices containing: site plans; floors plans; and other relevant photos and information.

This list does not include the items that would be included in a Business Case, Feasibility Plan, or Cost-Benefit Analysis.

It’s imperative for larger projects that you consider the risks and address these in the document, explaining what will be put in place to manage them.