Holden’s $100,000 grant a great chance for sporting clubs

August 13, 2016 by in News

Holden Home Ground Advantage

Inspired by the power of possibilities for local communities, Holden launched the Home Ground Advantage grants program. It exists to help clubs improve their facilities, purchase new equipment and uniforms.

The Maryborough Bears was one of our first major recipients. Wanting to foster girls’ footy, they were hampered by a lack of female change room and facilities. But not any more! Watch the video and see how the $100,000 grant has transformed the Club.

Applications for the Winter ’16 Round are open until August 31st, 2016.

Check all the details out at

Indigo Gold’s comment:  The application process isn’t onerous, it just requires you to answer some questions and upload a creative/entertaining video.  You’ve got two weeks left until the closing date, so give it a go!