$444M awarded without a tender/grant process

June 18, 2018 by in News

According to an ABC article, the Federal Govt has given $444M to a single organisation without it going through a tender/grant process

I was trolling the Internet this morning, grant-searching for my June grant lists and came across a 22 May article by ABC’s David Chen and Laura Gartry.  According to their information, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation was funded $444M in one payment.

“The funding was announced by Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg in April, with the money going towards water quality, tackling the crown-of-thorns starfish, and expanding reef restoration.”

Their article states that the “Foundation has 6 full-time members, 5 part-time members” and is “headed up by former CBA chair Dr John M Schubert”.

I’m very excited because it must set a precedent where I can pitch my (and my client’s) great ideas to the Federal Government and we won’t have to compete with others.

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