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Need to be aware of all the new grants and the ways to write winning grants?

Are you up to date with all the new grants available?  Searching for grants takes time, but you can relax as we do all the hard work and produce two grant lists each month. Both lists are a great time-saver, so whether you work in a business or are part of a committee, you won’t waste many hours searching for new grants.

The grant environment is competitive, so you need to be aware of all the tips to increase your success.  Our grant writing workshops will provide heaps of great ideas and tips to give you a winning edge.  Additionally, we’ve been business writers for many years, and organisations use our services to create strategic plans and project plans. These documents are often needed as supporting material for grant applications, and we make sure all the information links throughout the entire suite of documents.  This creates professional and effective applications.

Lists designed to boost your capacity

The Australian Institute of Grants Management conducted research in 2015 that surveyed 1348 community groups. Most noteworthy were results that indicate grantseekers lack the capacity to apply for all the grants they would like to. The most nominated factors that stopped them are “lack of resources/staff (63.9%) and lack of time (55.8%).” Our grant lists will save you time and increase your capacity to access new grants.

Although we focus on grants applicable to Queensland, many grants are national, so even if you’re not a Queenslander, they will still be extremely helpful.

General Grant List: new grants over $10,000

Keep up to date with our free General Grant List every month. The lists provide information on all the grants over $10,000 and detail the various grants from government, corporate and philanthropic organisations. Therefore, it is great whether you are from a businesses or organisation.

  • The list is sorted in categories so that you can go straight to the relevant area of interest.
  • You will see the closing dates of open grants in chronological order for each category.
  • It also details the funding priorities and eligibility requirements and contains detailed descriptions and funding priorities.
  • Most importantly, it includes the amounts available and links to the relevant websites.

If you want a copy you can easily download the latest version via the ‘download’ option om the right hand side.  If you want to be added to the database to receive it regularly, add your name and email in the spots provided.

Small Grant Snippets: new grants $10,000 and under

Small Grant Snippets gives you information about all the additional grants that are $10,000 and under. Read information about new grants from Government, philanthropic, organisational and corporate sources.

This grant information is exclusively provided to subscribers and not available to recipients of the General Grant List. It is a great resource for:

  • Sporting groups, community groups or organisations
  • Local councils
  • P&C or schools.

Most of our subscribers have been receiving Small Grant Snippets for more than 12 months – a great indication of the value it provides to them.

Subscription details

A 12-month subscription is great value at just $82.50 (including GST). What do you get in Small Grant Snippets?

  • Monthly grant information (the list has between 45 to 80 entries of current and ongoing grants)
  • Detailed descriptions of each grant including funding priorities and eligibility requirements
  • Closing dates listed in chronological order along with the amounts available
  • Links to the relevant websites

Especially important is that as a subscriber, you will also receive alerts of grants via email so you don’t miss out on opportunities that have short deadlines. Furthermore, the alerts aren’t posted on our Facebook or Web pages. This is because the information is exclusively for Small Grant Snippets subscribers.

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How does the ongoing subscription work?

Following your initial download, you will receive new editions for a further 11 months.  They’re sent between the 12th and 17th day of the month and will come via email from Indigo Gold.

Don’t be worried about missing out on opportunities.  You’ll receive email alerts regarding new grants that have short deadlines to keep you up to date.

You’ll be contacted by an Indigo Gold team member approximately four weeks before the expiry date of your subscription, to discuss renewal.

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Grant writing workshops: learn how to win grants

If you need assistance with writing grant applications, you can relax as we’ve been helping clients for many years. We’ve written winning grant applications from $10,000 up to $10M, so we know what works.  We’re happy to pass on our knowledge and tips to others, and conduct grant writing workshops throughout Queensland.  The workshop can be custom-designed to meet different needs, numbers and duration.  Contact us now to find out how we can help.