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Indigo Gold offers a phenomenal grant writing workshop and course for writers in Brisbane

Are you looking for a top-notch grant writing course in Brisbane?

Grant writers play an important role in our society. Our grant writing course in Brisbane lays out the important details you should always address when creating these important documents.


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What sets Indigo Gold apart regarding a grant writing workshop?

Our grant writing course in Brisbane is set apart in the following ways:

  • Wonderful resources: As part of our grant writing workshop, we provide you with five templates that will help you save time regardless of the topic.
  • Strategy techniques: Do you need help with putting together strategies for different grant subject matter? Not to worry – our grant writing course in Brisbane covers the best way to put a clear approach together that is sure to please any grantor. It’s important to remember that putting together a grant is a very detailed process and application reviewers will be very specific with the content information. It may take more than one strategy or approach to hit the right mark.
  • Year-long access: We understand that learning how to write a grant takes time, which is why we offer a one-year access to our program. This includes over 100 minutes of on-demand information incorporating sound guidance and samples. Various links to different references are also included along with comprehensive instructions on how to write various grant proposals.

Problems the grant writing workshop at Indigo Gold addresses

We have dedicated ourselves to providing grant writers with solutions for the following issues:

  • The topic of the grant is not well defined: A key element of this course is to teach grant writers how to put together a method of creating the perfect presentation. We walk you through steps to ensure that the topic of the grant is understandable and evident in your final submission.
  • Lack of details: It’s important to remember that when you write a grant proposal, you need to provide the readers with as much detail as possible to drive home the reason for the application. It is nearly impossible to be successful in the field without supporting facts. Our course will teach you how to assemble this information efficiently.
  • Proper scheduling: Keeping track of applications and when they are due plays a vital role in the efficiency of grant writers. Our grant writing workshop gives you essential details to keep in mind as you are planning out your timetable to guarantee your application is completed efficiently and on-time.

What you stand to lose if you don’t use Indigo Gold

As experienced, successful practitioners in the grant writing industry, the professionals at Indigo Gold have put together a comprehensive grant writing course in Brisbane that is sure to instil confidence in any grant application writer. Our experience has taught us what organisations need and want in their grant proposals and we strive to teach this using concepts you can understand.

For more information on our grant writing workshop, feel free to call us on 07 4923 7110 or click over to our contact page for more ways to reach us. You can also sign up for our free General Grant List.