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Bonus PDF – 12 Tips to Success

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The grants industry: Understanding your best fit for great outcomes

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  • 4 more webinar episodes that deep dive into what it takes to write a successful grant application
  • Templates to get you started and save time
  • Keep abreast of current and upcoming grants so you don’t miss out on opportunities
  • Prepare early – undertake all your preparation with management or committee so that you are ready to go once a relevant grant opens
  • Start the process in plenty of time so you don’t rush your application
  • Read the guidelines thoroughly, adhere to instructions, stay within funding limits and complete all questions – phone and talk to grant staff to clarify matters
  • Write clearly using the funder’s language in the proposal, demonstrating how you meet the funder’s need
  • Explain how your project will make a difference and link to the funders priorities along with regional, state and national strategies if relevant
  • Explain how you will evaluate the results ü Demonstrate you have the personnel and expertise to complete the project
  • Collaborate if possible for impact and efficiency
  • Prepare a sound budget that includes all the costs and explanations for your costs
  • Have another person to proofread and check that you’ve attach the required documentation
  • Aim to have the application submitted at least one day before the closing date