Save time: cheat a little

May 15, 2019 by in Blog

If you’re keen to save time when filling in forms, my Business Details Cheat Sheet could be just what you need.

You’re probably like me and always looking for ways to save time.  I create heaps of templates to fine-tune my work, and I’ll ‘fess-up and admit some work better than others.

I’m sharing one which does work – and I use it for all my clients.  It saves me heaps of time searching for, opening, and scanning through various documents and forms to find what I’m after, especially when I’m having one of those crazy days.

Picture this….you’ve committed to more than you should have, and a looming deadline seems to be coming at warp speed. You need a range of details about your business or organisation and your go-to Admin superhero has left for the day.  Ahhhhh!

Then, you remember ….  your little cheat sheet helper you (or the Admin superhero) prepared earlier, sitting on your desktop (for those that like a confetti-icon background), or saved in a computer folder.

It’s arranged into a number of segments, so it’s easy to find just what you need:

  • General: business names, contact details, ABN, insurance, history
  • Bank and financial information
  • Strategy, vision/mission, capability, achievements and the location of your photo files
  • Key contacts
  • Demographics of employees/members.

There’s a feeling of relief and your ‘smug’ face appears (is there an emoji for smug?).  Bonus – you’ve even got time to go and make coffee before you wander back to the desk to easily copy and paste what you need.  What does the meerkat in the ad say?  That’s right – simples!

Whether there’s heaps in your team, or just you, set it up once and enjoy.

I know you’re itching to get it, so here is the template.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of it, or the feeling you had when it came in handy – send me a quick message.

Cheers – Prue