One-to-one grant session

Sorting out grants is easy with a one-to-one grant session.

Example of a one-to-one grant session with Prue Saxby and committee members discussing grant strategy.
A one-to-one grant session will help you create momentum and get clarity on your projects and grant process.

Is a looming grant deadline on your mind and you need direction to get a grant organised? 

Or, is the idea of creating a grant strategy for your projects stopping you and your committee from progressing funding applications? 

Organising grants can be lonely and frustrating, often because other people don’t understand what’s involved. And this is even more difficult if you have a very small team to help you.

A one-to-one session could be just what you need. In a Grant Writer In Your Back Pocket session you will get access to all Prue’s experience, ideas and grant knowledge, and enjoy clarity and direction.

Having someone to brainstorm with can be a huge help because you will get a fresh and unbiased perspective. In the last four years, Prue has helped clients gain more than $41M in grants so is likely to have struggled with the same problems as you.

With help from her team Prue regularly creates a range of documents to send in with grant applications. These include budgets, needs analyses, cost-benefits, project plans, risk charts, community consultation…and more.

Who are these sessions for?

One-to-one sessions are perfect if you’re needing help with your grant proposal. We’ve got heaps of experience helping non-for-profits, community groups, P&Cs, charities and businesses.

What can be covered in a one-to-one grant session?

During a session we can cover lots of different things including grant writing examples. This will help you:

  • Get direction on a grant strategy to create momentum
  • Understand where to go for relevant research
  • Work out community consultation and collaboration ideas
  • Solve specific queries about eligibility
  • Understand requirements in grant guidelines
  • Break through creative/writing blocks and brainstorm ideas
  • Understand what funders want you to answer in specific questions
  • Help you work through any budget queries
  • Develop a timeline to get your grant organised.

How to book a session

It’s a simple process to book because all you have to do is:

  • Send an email to
  • In the subject line write: Grant Writer In Your Back Pocket request
  • List the type of session: strategy or grant application
  • Give two preferred dates and times 
  • Include your name (first and surname), the name of the business or organisation, and a contact phone number
  • If you’re wanting to chat about a specific grant application, add a link to the grant guidelines or webpage.

Once we have your information we will be in touch to confirm a Zoom, telephone or in-person session, and get the times and payment sorted.

Pricing for one-to-one grant session

You’ll be surprised how much you can achieve in one hour because Prue is super organised and will help you focus on the important bits first.

Choose from two session lengths:

  • 1-hour Grant Writer In Your Back Pocket session: $300
  • 2-hour Grant Writer In Your Back Pocket session: $500
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