Grant open: NAB Foundation

April 4, 2017 by in News

Two grants are open until 21 April 2017:

  1. Domestic & Family Violence Support Grant
  2. Financial Shocks Support Grant

For both grants on offer this year, grant amounts start from $50,000 pa to $500,000 (paid over a period of up to three years):

  1. The Thrive grant to help organisations become sustainable, scale or collaborate and move to their next stage of growth; and;
  2. The Seed grant to support the seeding of innovative ideas or help organisations get started through supporting core operations and capacity building.
The Domestic & Family Violence Support Grant aims to support work in prevention, early intervention and improvement in support to victims by supporting initiatives that include but are not limited to those that:

  • Focus on preventing violence including the cultivation of respectful relationships or considers cultural requirements within certain communities
  • Aim to stop the cycle of violence within families and communities through focus on intergenerational change
  • Are innovative in approach to early intervention focused on people who are at-risk of becoming perpetrators of domestic and family violence
  • Enable greater collaboration between service groups to improve access and delivery of support services to victims
  • Focus on technology solutions to facilitate the safe and secure access to information and support as well as the use of data to improve support of victims.

The Financial Shocks Support Grant aims to support work in helping Australians build financial resilience to prepare for and weather financial shocks to prevent long-term financial damage. This grant will consider initiatives that include, but are not limited to those that:

  • Focus on designing, testing or launching of innovative products, services or programs that support positive financial behaviour
  • Support the use of data and data analytics to provide insights that will positively influence financial behaviour or help stop Australians falling into financial hardship
  • Focus on new or different solutions and harnesses the transformative power of technology
  • Focus on new or different learning delivery tools and mechanisms for increasing financial literacy that is identified as a gap in this area.

For more information, visit NAB Foundation.