Prue Saxby


Grant Webinar Training Series

Would you like to be successful with grant applications? You’ll have a much better chance when you learn the easy step-by-step grant writing process.

You’ll learn from someone who’s had great success

Your presenter is an accomplished and successful writer.  In the last three years Indigo Gold’s Managing Director, Prue Saxby, has written winning grant applications totalling more than $28M. Read more about these successful applications in our Capability Statement.

Prue’s designed an easy way for anyone to write a grant application so that you can improve outcomes for your business or organisation.

The Grant Writing Webinar Series is a convenient 5-part program that will help build your knowledge so that you can submit quality grants without all the chaos and stress (imagine the feeling)!

Designed to meet your needs

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in business or you work in the not-for-profit sector – having this knowledge will make your life much easier. Maybe you’ve recently taken on a new role at your worksite or committee, or simply want to improve your existing knowledge of grant writing? Perhaps you want to increase your success rate with grants? Or maybe you’re looking for a few tips, as a fresh approach to what you’re currently doing?  Whatever your reasons – we can help.

Being successful and organised with grants can give you valuable skills for your current and future roles. But even if your ambitions aren’t so grand, being a skilled and efficient grant writer is a valuable tool that you can use many times in the future.

Great value and free templates!

You get access to the 5-part series and 5 templates that will make the process easy.

Instructor:  Prue Saxby
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