9 ways to be organised for the 2018 grant year

January 17, 2018 by in News

To start 2018 off in an organised manner, I’ve put together a list of what I believe you should be aiming to achieve in January/February.

  1. Write a list of all the projects or items for which you would like assistance
  2. List the grant opportunities that match your needs in chronological order, prioritising those you consider are essential applications
  3. If you require permissions from your Board, Management or Committee, ask that items to be discussed are listed in the agenda at the next meeting (this might include approvals for matching funding to be quarantined)
  4. Review attachments that are often required for applications and update any out-of-date information including: audited financial statements and bank details; create new Post Event/Project Reports etc
  5. Create/update your Needs Analysis document ensuring you review your region’s statistics and collate useful information
  6. Take some fresh photos or put together a good selection of images you already have, so that you have material ready to go
  7. Start organising quotes for items and letters of support for your projects from relevant stakeholders
  8. Talk with stakeholders or potential collaborating organisations as many funders are putting a priority on those who work with others
  9. If you haven’t got relevant statistics regarding the needs of your clients already, create and send out a survey/s to show the results or need for your services, projects and work

Having all these items dealt with, will mean you’re well on your way to a stress-free grant application process.  Remember to delegate some of the jobs to others to keep things manageable.