Get the ‘heads-up’ about the grants ‘industry’

August 12, 2016 by in News

Grants in Australia survey

Understanding grants and the grant industry is important to be successful.

The survey results from Australian Institute of Grants Management’s research have recently been published in the Grants In Australia Survey 2015. Community groups (1,348 respondants) from right across Australia shared their experiences of grantseeking, as well as their interactions with grantmakers and grantmaking systems.

The Top 7 Takeaways listed in the report were:

  1. Lack of feedback remains a problem
  2. More grantseekers applying for smaller numbers of grants – many grants applicants complain they don’t have the resources, the time or even the expertise to apply for more grants.
  3. Multi-year grants and grants towards core operating expenses have fallen
  4. Grantmakers still need to speed up their processes
  5. Online applications are the norm and most grantseekers prefer them
  6. Grantseekers love briefing sessions
  7. Grantmakers are pretty good at providing help.

You can download the report at:

Indigo Gold’s comment:

Although targeted at the organisations that provide grant money, the report has lots of information about the Australian grant ‘industry’.  Understanding the space you are working within is always helpful to produce effective applications.